I’d Give You

I’d give you the sky
Eternal arched holy rainbow
Darkness say goodbye
Hello eternal rainbow
To keep hope held high

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I feel like I’m falling behind. Consistently, like I’m falling behind. Is this what swimming upstream to your death feels like?

(A 3D version of me)

We’ve now moved into a realm where the possibility of Planet X is high probability.

We’re 2000 light-years closer to Sagittarius A* than we’ve realized. We’ve also found out that our distances were way off, they are using new methods to calculate distances. Things are closer to us than they appear. Like in our rear view? And do they ever account for that? 🤔

Maybe the ending of “Is Genesis History” is not so ridiculous after all but I’m still obsessed with that movie, as I am dinosaurs, and that film talks about all sorts of cool shit. Like how old the Earth actually is based on the calculations of the rock formations on Earth and these are scientists. Eh, as a Generation X, I have found that everything I was taught growing up was a f****** lie. I slept through most of my life, plugged into The Matrix. I tried to free many people but have since learned that just like in the film many people want to stay plugged in. Bah. I’m too tired or dead to give a shit. But the animals, the trees!! *sobs* I feel Earth’s gravity tugging on me. Or maybe it’s that giant f****** black hole in the center of our galaxy that’s lurking and I guarantee you come the next update we’ll find we’re even closer to it.

next Apophis flyby APRIL 2-0-2-9 / the final time / the end my friend is not near / the hour in fact is quite here (-)

I hope I get to kiss you before the end of the world

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