COVID vaccinations Part 2

You can still catch COVID-19 fully vaccinated.

Condoms are not 100% effective and neither is your vaccination. 👀

You can still get sick (or others).

So what does this mean?

It means Biden has a 15 year plan laid out for this pandemic and they’re now speaking of booster shots annually.

It means you still need to wear your mask, wash your hands and practice social distancing by keeping 6 feet.

Even vaccinated. 👀

Because we are now living in the New World order.

And since 1984 is now – and many are trying to silence me from reminding you of this blatant fact – I’m gonna put it on a tee.

You can still get sick vaccinated.

They are already talking of booster COVID shots for next year. 👀

(And did anybody notice how they quietly removed the Johnson and Johnson one shot vaccine temporarily because it was causing blood clots but it’s now back in circulation).

I already have heart issues, my BP dropped extremely low getting MODERNA dose 1 (so maybe a slight miracle I wasn’t offered the J&J, and the government likely wanted the MODERNA vaccines for the Soldiers, because it offers a 94% effective rate against COVID (but not the rapidly evolving strains), and let’s face it, a Soldier is a DOLLAR sign. We are only numbers. And many of us have unplugged and have come to learn this fact and they’re dying by suicide which is why the suicide rate continues to increase among veterans and active military). The government are building super soldiers and they spend a lot of money training us, that’s why they don’t want us to fucking die. They only care about stats and numbers! The J&J vaccine offers an 80% effective rate from COVID. MODERNA 94%. And I haven’t studied the other vaccines emerging. But I’m definitely glad I didn’t get the Johnson and Johnson one if it’s causing fucking blood clots and I already have heart issues!

Now I’ve just received my second shot, which I’m told is worse than the first vaccine (but you don’t need to take my word for it, it’s listed on the CDC website).

So here we go.

Dose 2 complete and now they are talking of booster shots for next year. 👀

This pandemic was manmade.

It’s clear to me.

Scientists playing God.

Narcissism ruining the world.

With just 1 move the NWO:

1. Put a lid on the “anti vacciner” by implementing a manmade pandemic encouraging (rather than enforcing) people to get vaccinated.

They do this by giving you incentive like, “fully vaccinated people can get a free donut at Krispy Kreme by showing their vaccination record”

Advertising about how cool it is to be vaccinated and to get vaccinated (even though you can still get sick and you need to wear your mask but they leave this out of the video don’t they).

Giving you the option to be vaccinated makes you feel like you have control over the situation but it’s just gaslighting, it’s just more smallpox on blankets to Indians (and I am part Native American Indian and my bloodline was almost wiped out so my fears are legit).

Eventually it will be enforced.

Through “no entry unless fully vaccinated” mandates. I imagine this will be for all public transportation, schools, hospitals, and government buildings.

2. Population control

The NWO want every animal (including you and me) tagged.

You are given a number at birth.

They call it “security” but I’m told when I’m at age to need it there won’t be any fucking funds.

“Social Security is under threat“, remember?

Was anybody actually paying attention to Obama anytime the words “New World Order” came out of his mouth? Because there’s video everywhere of him talking about it, along with all our world leaders.

It’s not every now and then they mention it, it’s all the time, during live conferences!

It’s not a conspiracy theory!

And just because something is a conspiracy doesn’t mean it’s not true!

Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean I’m not being followed!!!

You can still get sick even vaccinated!!!

Jim Morrison was acutely aware of the illuminati so was Michael Jackson so was Tupac so was John Lennon.

Knock knock

You are a slave, Neo.

I almost got arrested today because some lady didn’t wanna hear that she could still get sick even vaccinated but the other people around me did want to hear it so I almost got arrested for them to hear it.

I also yelled at the cop for getting in my face and not giving me 6 feet and respecting my personal space!

Then more cops rolled in.

1984 is now y’all.

Go ahead and fucking crucify me, you’re not going to silence me!!!

Welp, BIG BRO actually is working towards silencing many of us. Fairly certain Trump isn’t the only one who can be banned from the Internet.

And we can thank Bush with his “Signing Statements” for that because we’ve moved into a Hitler state!!!

I’m aware that this post is very political and many may not be able to keep up with the particular topics that are involved but I am a soldier, this is what I do, this is me, it’s part of who I am and will always be.

The key thing you need to take from all of this is, you can still get sick even vaccinated! Stay woke!

And that one lady was the only bad Apple that didn’t want to hear what I had to say, everybody else was thanking me because I potentially saved their life or someone else’s because they had the same mentality going forward that I did that you were going to be invincible once you were fucking vaccinated – free donuts and it’s cool getting vaccinated, you know!!

It’s hip, it’s cool man. It’s a hippie dippy cool thing to be vaccinated!

But you can still get sick! 👀

And booster shots annually.

Big Pharma got the money back they lost from the anti-vacciners and the weed smokers!

3 responses to “COVID vaccinations Part 2”

  1. Barely a few hours in and my arm is already sore and I have a splitting frontal lobe headache. Already can’t use the muscle on my left arm where the shot entered. Has only been 3 to 4 hours since I received dose 2!


  2. Read an article where the Navajo were being wiped out by Covid and begging us to get it. My Grandmother always told me one of my great grandfathers was full-blooded Indian and that we belong to either the Cherokee tribe or one other that she couldn’t recall but that there were only two tribes in Mississippi and we belong to one of them and I’m trying to get back to my original bloodline that the government almost wiped out, the same government I belong to. Fears are just. Smallpox with blankets. Aside from the fact that I am a VET and eventually they will enforce vaccinations or no entry, no services. There were many reasons for me to cave, but my bloodline was the number one deciding factor. I want to make it into the arms of my tribe before I die. I’m getting a DNA test soon to find out just how much native American Indian I am. I want to know who I really am. And where I come from. There were only two tribes that existed in Mississippi and I belong to one. It’s complicated. Reasons.


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