Constant Cover

Under a near constant cover of clouds
Spending time in the burrows avoiding crowds
Thunder is the echo from my heart where he pounds
Drowning all our sorrows from these vows

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I love you! ❤️

I recently learned from a TikTok that many women have grey hair already in their early 30s (must drink alcohol) and that made me feel hella good to be nearly 43 with not one gray hair!

Should I leave a locket of my hair for you somewhere before I die? 👀

A secret drop off location?

Seems like it would only be fair since I got your book and all 👀

Do you want my pigtails when I die?

Clip clip

Leave in will 👀

I guess the lawyer will have one hell of a time hunting you down 👀

“She wanted you to have this”

Proceeds to hand you two lockets of hair 👀

“Man you sure were hard to find”


Maybe I can leave a little poem buried in my locket 👀

Okay, so in an alternate universe somewhere that fucking happened because that’s how fucking weird I am, I left you a locket of my hair, how creepy, OK bye now

Edgar Allan Poe’s daughter signing off


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