Do you think the compass lead me to the fog? And freewill, is that something we evolve? And my hopelessness, is that something you absolve? And what of worry, do we have reason at all?

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I live in a state of worry and I deserve some peace land before I die

I’ve got your poetry coming to my Patreon campaign, I’m sliding into first base I know!

I’ve kind of been dying, so can you cut me some slack? But not so much that you drop me on my head please!!! 👀

Having midlife crises 😑

One thought on “Compass

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  1. Hello beautiful poet. I understand the poem. For a while I thoughts I could not win. Today I have more than I deserve. Hard days make the good days better. Hello dear friend. I hope you are doing well and having some fun.


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