A Possible Chance (poetry)

Did you know regret lived on the tongue
Hiding in deserted deserts
I have sat suffering in silence watching the mountain grow
My dreams overcome the hours
But never the black holes lurking the hopelessly stained sheets
Even my dreams are lost without you
They open dimensions of nothingness
Time like a dead dinosaur
There is no meaning here
Where cold and heat are one
You don’t know what it feels like to have nothing pulling on you
The pressure of existence
I want to welcome nonexistence the same way you forget mine
Now I ask time what is the delay?
Every breath harder to take
What keeps me here?
Has my purpose not come and gone?
The law of one permeates
I do not comply

But continents are sinking
These are my dreams
Treaties are ending
Gulfed up in flames

I went to sleep then woke up in Armageddon
But now dreams are panic and void
An endless nightmare
Monuments overturning
To you, the only one I run
Even with your hooves there burning

I’ve gone insane
I’m upside down, the rainbow spells you
Now my dreams are planting clues
And vines are growing where there is dew
There is hope to climb
I won’t let negativity penetrate the view

Your hand turns tear to paint
Let us color awhile where wind is flowing
You give life the breeze

Today, I cried for the dinosaur that did not survive your wrath

And did we not use the coal of his life to burn our own?

I’m tired of digging in the dark

I want to stay in the light

There isn’t much left

Don’t abandon hope

Mistakes exist because you taught me everything

You are the key-maker

Yet you choose to stay behind every door

You lack courage to explore

But, I am expansion

And made to bust down door

You build, therefore I destroy

And then your eyes are open

And to be fair, the last thing I want to see

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

If my lesson was to learn to let go of attachment, you’re teaching me the law of one

Onto to ascension…

Psst… I’m helping others improve the quality of their life by sharing my shopping tips on how to buy things you want without having to sell your soul or pay a fortune

I go through those moments where I’m like holy fuck there’s some really good content on TikTok and I’m showing people pictures of my refurbished Mac and then somebody comes along and is like ‘hey can you tell me who the seller is, can you show me how that’s done’ and then I remember I have purpose and everything’s all right again 👀

I realize I don’t have a lot to offer other than my voice and even that has been crippled by the social system and algorithm

Anyhoo, I shared my experience of buying a refurbished laptop in the Walmart marketplace, and someone out there was interested in that experience, thank you

I’m not completely worthless yet or ready to die on the street like Edgar Allan Poe

LINK: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8vbmdmT/

I’m pretty certain there’ll be some more holiday specials going on with after Christmas sales

But so far, I like shopping in the Walmart marketplace

I saw other people left comments and gave him two stars because the black case that came with it was delayed, that is not worth giving somebody two stars for…

I gave him 5* for my bundle deal!

I effin love my MacBook so 🤩

Yeti is still in the box but I moved my country table into the master bedroom until I get a proper laptop desk (I have a kitchen glass table in the dining room)

Maybe I’ll unpack Yeti one day but I’m addicted to the box currently and am not ready to unpack / unwrap her 🤪

This is how hoarding starts…

But to be fair, I have been deleting a lot of things and getting rid of a lot of things in my life so this is me starting over

I’m building from the destruction

The volcano erupts and then grass will grow

Dying is just another phase of my evolution

But I’m keeping my energy clean

All I know is the more I am in hospitals and clinics, the less freedom I actually have and the other day I had like five or six people stop me from going into the VA

Doctors and nurses are the enemy now and a threat to me

And because I’m half zombie now I’m just staying away from everybody

I don’t want to have the same ending as John or Edgar

I do tho, and am, oddly

If I disappear off the face of the earth just know I didn’t want anybody to see me dead and/or if I die in my bed it was a good ending

If I disappear off the face of the earth it just means I gave myself a humane ending instead of the one I was headed towards

K, thanx, bye

I love you

ho ho ho

Happy humbug

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