Déjà vu (poetry)

I feel him mourning
Like thick moss growing on vine

He’s always yearning
The way I twirl around on pine

You got a returning subscriber!
Just kidding! He’s a liar!

I need oxygen but it’s corrosive
I need love but he’s explosive
Got me losing focus
Maybe his main motive

He doesn’t know how hard my heart is
I was born of darkness
Somewhere from the darkest
Never bow regardless

I want to distract him from morning
The way I’m overturning
Darkness is for learning
I bid you fair warning

Hanging with the dead and crying
An angel’s only trying
But oh ye faith I’m eying
And I know when you are lying

I think he’s Polyamorous
I know I couldn’t handle it

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

I’m a cub and never a cougar xo

I woke up to my second supporter! And a lovely message!!! So very grateful, thank you!

Postscript 👇

In my past life I have been in open relationships and handled it just fine

But I’m completely possessive over the love of my life

I can feel my stomach churning with the thought

No kneel


You better be paying for my housing so I can hump all over your existence

You should be taking my OnlyFans photos and saying, “no babe, that’s your money, buy yourself something nice”

When I bring you money to pay the bills, you should be like, “baby, I’m taking care of you”


Be my K-I-N-G and I’ll be your Queen and submit

Pff you have some magical powers going unused that you know you can’t get anywhere but from ME

And vice versa

We got our own Great Filter upon us

I had to jump here first cuz that’s what it took

I HATE being OLDER than you



New account! New set dropped! 👉 👇 https://onlyfans.com/poeeternal_sensual

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