High horse

You’re off chasing rainbows where the rain won’t shine
You’ll love in time
My hand is aging
Like hope is tied
Sun leans in raging

My love,
In the universe, spheres aren’t really spheres
Joy reflect as fears
Like how you disappear
You are gone –
So how are you here?

I’m not marriage material
I’m grounds for divorce
I’ll stick to my high horse

Please buy my things
I overspent
I’ll overprice it
It’s not magnificent

If it’s Made in China
I’ve gotten rid of it
The entire toolkit
Sent it back to orbit
Ejected from the cockpit
Calling bullshit
Burn it in the pit
Claim counterfeit
Propaganda lightening skin hypocrite
Brown-nosing misfit
Yellow fever transmit
I’m sick of it

Lost spirit
Forget it

I come without bond
Look inside
Heart ain’t coping

Like leaping ledge
Just barely hoping
Your foot will land
With surface sloping

Opposition disappearing
Dangerous dictatorship
Communist country
I’m growing hungry
Purposeful spread the virus
I read in silence

The holes stop healing when you die
Like all feeling disappearing
After you cry

Dear Mother,
You are cold war.
And Father, your mentor.
Though coldness, speak no more.

You are ice age
Swimming in the current
Of my full rage
Father, you are first plague

You are cold war.
A six foot hole I am searching for.
Like a backdoor.

And father’s picture? An eyesore.

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal.

Postscript: Mirrors hold negative energy and the creams I was using cause “spots or burns” and I cry so much seeing myself in the mirror that I’ve now moved all mirrors from my bedroom, intend to get rid of or cover the others, am not allowed to wash my face with tap or shower water, per official government guidelines, and the cream I was using to not weather in the sun, in fact, made me weather in the sun, and so bottles are being thrown out, mirrors destroyed, tears finding unholy ground. But I’m still collecting seeds from the seed library (I’m half-alive hoarding dreams).

I wasn’t scared, I was sick.

And I’m still fighting off the devil.

And the urge of mass murder and suicide.

Have you seen the amount in the news?

Also, The Great Replacement theory is real.

I fell deeper in hell.

Two banks have been shut down.

I’ve stopped disassociating (and looking in the mirror).

I’m superstitious and see demons everywhere.

I need him to contact me.

Never mind the blocks (for his own protection)

Brian Cox is a pedophile faggot and – in his very own words – called a 38 year old man “old”.

He loves a brilliant young mind

Men hate women or anything natural or God like and are obsessed with their own creations such as AI, lab made cats and dogs, and say women have done nothing to contribute to society and are only good for childbearing

According to current studies, most married men want love with a prostitute (gag) (throws up in mouth)

I literally daydream of leaping off a bridge and that ain’t right

Fuck everything

Fuck you

I’ll be back at the library collecting seeds cause it fits in with my goals and values

I’m drifting buddy


America is collapsing

I’m not racist but simultaneously hate everyone (unless good)

(I’m barely good)

(Hate self)

Pro tip: mirrors cause negative self-image and hold negative energies. Get rid of them. Stop looking. Now go off and be a good witch.

Happy cursing

I’m casting one soon on so-in-so

A tiny box with a mirror and his name sealed with a burnt black candle buried in the swamp

Because he hasn’t died yet (MB)

I’m undoing the curse from birth on…

Hear, hear!

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