Over 4500 followers on the TikTok

The TikTok

I’m just some gal from the deep south

Oh wait

Deep South should be capitalized but not earth

Why is earth not a noun


The follows are still coming in today

Also reached over 37.5k “likes”

I don’t use fancy setups or lighting or filters

But will probably start posting rebounding and skate content for summer!

Along with complaining

It’s what I do best

But folks are trying to take me down in tricky ways

And I’m still recovering from CUD

And this cancer

2 days zero weed or vape or edibles

Not caving

Gotta clean the lungs

No more smoking

No more drinking

No more disassociating

Tough days

Not even allowed sugar or bread but haven’t fixed my diet completely

Cuz I need to hire a maid to deep clean my kitchen

I don’t know what’s holding me back from doing it

Maybe because I’m dying and have so little energy

But hopefully can show off my cute outfits from Dolls Kill soon

Embarrassing the mess currently

Took an assbeating on TikTok because of it but some have commented I’m adorable

The drafts will probably get deleted

I will post more cute booty content when I recover mentally from all the weight I lost

Itty bitty again

I want to be God’s favorite

But squirrel is so cute

And red bird

Woody has been quiet

So glad I captured him pecking when I did

I’m kinda homebound because every time I go out a cop gets involved

I think the last one wanted to prepose? To me

Proposal propose

The fucking algo makes it harderwith a brain injury but I hit space

Fuck you

Stumbling with speech more cuz brain rewiring itself with zombie weed

Know what I want to say, can’t get it out

A band is getting ready to play from a big race thing

I can hear it miles away

NIN was supposed to come

Now it’s Tool and Pantera and some others coming

Heard on the radio

I was like “too bad I ain’t supporting shit anymore”

Maynard’s a fucking dick

The cop told me to move

It’s unsafe to venture out

And I’m pro 2a and won’t think twice to shoot your shadow

Ohh poem thingy please

Also, if I reach 10k in this lifetime, I’m one goal away from turning on video gifts

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