Changes coming to my blog / websites πŸ₯³

I reckon I’m gonna have to bite the WordPress hook and upgrade my personal plan to the premium plan since I’ve used up all my 6GB of storage space πŸ™„ and just pretend the universe is pushing me to upgrade my plan so I can have more media space to upload photos but also unpack yeti from its box to do soft poetry readings and spoken word

To be fair, I have been dying

But I will also at some point maybe be producing some subscriber only content on my blog/website instead of over on OnlyFans (I don’t do porn or self-gratification, I’m an artist and do nude photography – many say softcore is obsolete, but I’ll be offering it here on my website instead- and if someone could please teach me how to set up subscriptions on WP instead of me having to go figure it out through WordPress that would be great)

I’m already on a plan that allows subscriptions and donations, I’ve just used up all my media space and either need to delete stuff off my website or upgrade and at this point it’s time to upgrade because I’m growing aren’t I? I have over 1000 followers now and nearly 100,000 views!! πŸ‘€

So when I’m not dying and can put my head into the WordPress books I will figure out how to do the subscriber only content (this won’t be for every post, just my random spicer content)!

Not everyone wants to see my exclusive Rated R nude content but I’m tired of giving other platforms my visitors – especially when most platforms I have zero voice as an artist

I don’t want to push people to another platform when they come to visit my website

I want you to stay here in heaven with me πŸ˜‡


I was at urgent care yesterday again so I don’t know how quickly I’ll be able to get stuff going but just know stuff is in the pipeline and I would like to get some more nude content out to you, it will be through my own website though, you won’t have to leave or sign-up anywhere else

I’m indecisive on what I’m doing with my Patreon account but I’ve been very grateful for your support over the years!

Because of it, my website has and remains advertisement free (zero spam)!

If you sign up for my blog posts via email, advertising will never be in your email either! Zero spam!

I may be the last place on earth that’s free of advertising πŸ€”

But you won’t have to worry about accidentally hitting an advertisement when scrolling or installing spyware or a virus

You can scroll freely without a condom ahem πŸ€ͺ

I’m dealing with heart and lung issues since I got the vaccine – I’m still a weirdo tho and I miss doing the cosplay for you to accompany the rants, poetry and prose!

I will definitely upgrade my plan soon so I can at least start attaching photographs again to my rants and poetry

It may be the new year before I start any subscription only content!

I may do it via donation instead of subscription (like where you can pay a small fee to unlock the post)…

Stay tuned

Dying but not dead…

PSST… I have a free OnlyFans and will be active there when I’m feeling better – thank you for subscribing! My inbox is open there to say hello! I’ll let everyone know when I’m back and active! I’ll be going live over there to show you the beach and things! Softcore πŸ€ͺ

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