Likes and Comments

Regarding likes and comments, I will never like a post unless I’ve actually read it. I would comment more but I am weird and have a difficult time fitting in due to anxiety. Please take the time to read something I post if you’re going to hit the like button. I feel like bloggers are hitting like without reading, just so they can get likes in return. Tid for tat. But it’s heartbreaking to spill my words on these pages for free for you and you don’t even take the time to read the content, you’re just coming along giving my post a ton of likes and you’re not making any effort to listen to anything I do. It makes me want to isolate even more.

If I leave you two or three words under a post you’ve made, you should appreciate that just as much as someone who’s giving you an entire paragraph, you don’t know how hard it was for me to even reach out to you to start with.

All I’m asking is for you to please take the time to read a post before you “like it”, the same respect and courtesy I give to you, your writings, your blog, your time. I read you, I see you. Please see me. I’ve been used and ghosted enough. ✌

xxoo POEETERNAL (Delia)

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  1. Yeah that’s what gets me. Sometimes, I can like a bunch of post really fast especially if the content of the post is short because I am a fast reader with amazing reading comprehension. But that’s not what’s going on with mine, people are hitting the like button and they’re not even taking the time to read my content and I work really hard to put the stuff out, I really do…. so frustrating! Thank you for being a genuine blogger.

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