I wanna come, so then I go
You say go fast, so I go slow
You say goodbye, I’m at hello
I drop a bomb, for afterglow

I sleep outside my own prison gate
I build a wall to suffocate
And any trespasser I will violate
Just come near me and you will ache

I am good but I am bad
I am happy but I am sad
I am boring but I am rad
I think I died in Baghdad

I am the pleasure but he is the pain
No matter the blood, I need him the same
I laid down my gun and this isn’t a game
You have the key to open my chain

He is the stable, I am a wild horse
Maybe it is hate, I don’t know the force
And if he loves me, it is only in fourths
I have looked for love but I can’t find the source

© Delia Ross. 2019

“My indecision is final…”
I always gots rosey cheeks and freckles (Alabama, circa 2015)
Missouri (AKA MISERY) Circa 2007ish
Iraq circa 2003
Tennessee barely sixteen
Florida circa 2016ish
Tennessee age 18 with my 9 month old baby that I breastfed a solid year (my hair is nearly that long again *squee* but this is my natural color, brunette with hazel eyes)
(Self, age 18, kiddo 9 months)
A hippy goth in docs, nothing much has changed 🙂 (age 18)
The 90s, the best and worst decade of my life
I iz evolving (Florida, my birthday 2019)

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