The use of WordPress in higher education

So – were you aware – that universities are on WordPress and require students to use WordPress to post and respond to other students post – and receive GRADED reports

Cuz that wasn’t in the Privacy policy or any of the FAQ or payment policies

I’m not just paying to reach my tribe – they are flooding the network however they can – so we can chase our tails – meanwhile the younger generations get fed with a platinum spoon – this society

We’re paying in the upwards of $300 -$600 to maintain our blogs/ websites every three years – to reach students and faculty! (Or around $150 annually)

F- U – C – K YOU

Here’s an example in use:

Just thought you should know before you bust out the checkbook to keep growing an audience you like to run away

They also hire hackers to blow up the place to sell you “site security”

I can put two and two together

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