The Kiss

I have this dream where we don’t talk
I’m in an alley having a cigarette
Waiting on a favorite band
And you appear

And I ask ‘what are you doing here’
But sweetly so no other can hear
There’s no one around just the rain
You stand and never explain

I smile anyway without regret
And you haven’t moved closer yet
And in a cloak your eyes are in pain
But I still smile anyway

I’m on the wall under a small balcony
Avoiding getting wet
Your hands are in your pockets
You don’t look as though upset

As the rain gets started
You move and take a step
And it kind of felt like lightening
My heart it felt it best

The patter of the rain –
Grew louder with every footstep
And every inch closer – I forgot more – of the alphabet

You get close to me and lightly touch my fingertips
And then you lift up my arm and take a puff of my cigarette

Your other hand still touching my other hand
You lift my head and kiss my lips
It’s hard to explain it
I thought I was alive but it was really the first thing I ever felt

Β© Delia Ross. 2019

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