Maybe it’s the thrill of the chase
Maybe it’s the wounds that he makes
Maybe it’s the patience that it takes
Maybe it’s his love which fills the aches

Maybe I still love him though he’s gone
Maybe I can never move on
Maybe it’s for him I’ll always long
Maybe I will never right this wrong

Maybe he will always make me swoon
Maybe I said I love you too soon
Maybe I still feel him like a moon
Maybe he was born to make me croon

© Delia Ross. 2020

*update* I’ve been super busy making digiart, and I’m excited to begin posting some as perks for my patrons over on my Patreon soon, but I’m also super nervous as well. Anytime I expose my art, there is a degree of rawness to it. I feel exposed. And I’m also beginning to break through traumas and fears over there, where I feel a sense of privacy and safety. Grateful for the encouraging feedback I’m receiving from my patrons too! Been writing like mad too! I love you! Anyway, I hope you like my new poem! ❤

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