House Arrest

He’s there but he isn’t but he is
Like the heart I’m missing cuz it’s his
And all this need for truth and accuracy keeps me caged
But underneath the lying they’re all the same

I watch the needle shred the rope away
And minute by hour my hope will fade
It’s like I’m drowning on the words you always say
And I don’t know if I can make it another day

It’s like I’m pleading and I’m bleeding through my rhyme
And I’m screaming and I’m needing you all the time
My eyes keep leaking as the sun will rise
The devils’ always dancing to our cries

He thinks he needs them though they never satisfy
Yet one thought of me will make him high
He keeps me condemned to these tears I cry
And neither of us know how to say goodbye

Everything about them is second best
And he keeps my heart on house arrest
It’s like my compass is always pointing midwest
My feet are walking but they’re never blessed

My mind could end it, my heart won’t quit
And others tell me he isn’t it
The message broken, it won’t transmit
I’m trekking on, even if frostbit

I would move a mountain to feel his touch
I’ve cried an ocean, guess it really ain’t much
I know we’re both in hell that’s my clearest view
You can say you love them it isn’t true

Maybe one day you won’t hide your head in shame
Maybe one day you won’t treat love as a game
Maybe one day you’ll feel proud of your name
But if that day never comes I still love you the same

© Delia Ross. 2020

It’s a funky rhyme. I feel like a living dead ghoul….obsessed or maybe possessed. My rhyme testimony to my last living will…and the powerful dread of unrequited love. Don’t worry, we all die one way or the other, but this way is the worst.

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  1. I’m really glad! I hesitated to post this one, perhaps because it was too real and raw. Wound up saving it as a draft but later found the courage to publish it. Thanks for the feedback!

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