The Downside (A song)

He’ll tell you about the downside
Like it’s paradise
He’ll kill you from the inside
Never thinking twice

Watch how he rolls the dice
His aim always precise
He never needs advice
Like his life is nice

Like he’s got it right…
Like he’s got it right…

He is cold as ice
Evil is his spice (x3) ((vocals on the low))

© Delia Ross. 2020

So, it is a song in my head. Therefore it is lyrics. I’m songwriting. Cuz this social distancing is even getting to my introversion. Now that the public beaches are closed to the public, I wanna go. What they gonna do? Arrest me? Pff go ahead. I need some kink in my life. Or excitement. I can just play stupid. It helps to be cute and innocent with a bit of devil. I’m like the perfect combo. They can’t resist my smile and silliness. 🙂 I’m seriously going to the beach tomorrow. Might be going to jail. I’m boreeeddddddd

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