The End

The muse faded like a candle
I watched him glow
I let him go
Traded one high for a low

The scene played like a scandal
I watched the light trickle slow
Dismissing all I know
The end already foretold

He disappeared like a vandal
Left me with woe
The distances I would row
Just to watch him grow

Maybe I am hard to handle
But love is snow
Oh, so very cold
And I linger so

© Delia Ross. 2020

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6 thoughts on “The End

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  1. A great poem about the finality of parting ways, and I loved your finale stanza…
    “Maybe I am hard to handle
    But love is snow
    Oh, so very cold
    And I linger so”

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  2. Letting go is so hard but the end sometimes is inevitable. I struggled with that very last line, couldn’t decide between “and” or “where”. But I felt like ‘and’ flowed better. I’m really glad you liked this one! It seemed so simple, a candle melting, but it seemed the only way I could describe the loss of a muse. While I still love the person and he’s important to me, the connection has changed. It could just be my depression but it’s been slowly fading away.

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