Across the Sky

The way he doesn’t care
The way he’s never there
The cold that’s from his hand
The heart that’s rather dead

The beauty from his shame
The face without a name
The weight that’s on his shoulder
While blindly growing older

The pain won’t wash away
I love him still the same
I’m bleeding every night
I’m frail from too much sight

I wish on every star
A word, or whisper far
I pray that he’s alright
He’ll always be my knight

The twist and burn from silence
My mind fills up with violence
I scream without a sound
I’m lost and never found

I’m forging my own trail
Where life is simply stale
Sorrow spreads across the sky
From his silent goodbye

© Delia Ross. 2020

An ocean of sadness, the end is all inside us (self-portrait 2020)

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