Final Notice

Hate you with a fever
The way you linger
As if you need her
Yet treat her cheaper

I’m shifting focus
Straight to hopeless
No other motive
Cuz now I’m lowest

I cut the tether
Release the weather
I need some pleasure
Help me grow better

So now I’m homeless
Was that my bonus?
A final notice
These tears as roses

© Delia Ross. 2020

So, I’ll write something with a particular word and then bam she pops up doing the same on her blog. So, I’ll post a particular image on Instagram, and bam she pops up on hers doing the same. And I’m tired of watching him thumbs up her while ghosting me. I’ve blocked them both now. I’m sick of being used and abused so he can sit back and convince all the other girls that I’m the fucking problem while they all laugh about me behind my back. Yet they all stalk me. I’M SICK OF WANTING TO FEEL LIKE I WANT TO DIE. ONTO HATING HIM AND EVERYONE HE KNOWS. HE’S BEYOND CRUEL. I JUST WANT SOME POSITIVE SUPPORT, WHICH I WORK HARD FOR AND DESERVE RECOGNITION FOR!!!!

An original original. You can copy me but you’ll never be me.

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9 responses to “Final Notice”

  1. Fantastic to hear Stuart, thanks so much! I always worry about my freestyles! But it’s very therapeutic for me. Now that I’m in the angsty stage, there will likely be more! Thanks for the feedback, it’s appreciated! ❤

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  2. Thank you! It would mean so much if I could get your support over on my Patreon! 🙏🙏🙏 Grateful for the feedback, thank you!! ❤️


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