Feel like he gave my heart sunspots
I’m tangled up in knots
Feel like I’m ever growing hotter
And my head is full of clots

They heard the war was over
But my soul is taking shots
Now I’m prepped and groomed for slaughter
And I know he hurts me lots

© Delia Ross. 2020

I just freestyle wrote this and shared it on my Instagram but I wanted to share it here also… I really love to rhyme!

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6 thoughts on “Sunspots

  1. I’m really glad to hear that because I make good effort to ensure there’s more than just rhyming words. There has to be flow. But I don’t know if it translates from my head to the page. So I’m glad to hear it does! I appreciate the feedback!


  2. “They heard the war was over
    But my soul is taking shots”

    Beautifully haunting line. There’s a personal part of me that connects with this piece. Feeling of trauma and the lingering effects of the past e.t.c.

    You evoke feelings and emotions well on paper 🙂

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