Oh Daughter, Oh Son (Song lyrics)

*Warning strong themes of depression and suicide*

If you are having thoughts of harming yourself, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. You are not alone.

Will you be there to watch your mom die
Or will it be by the hand of suicide
Years and years of these trials
Hard to keep you by my side
Took a chance once or twice
And might succeed tonight – oh son!

Some call it paradise
But it’s a parasite
Understand what living’s like
It’s like your under knife
Want a hand to get it right
Don’t leave the world a fright – oh son!

Accept that life is might
Don’t have the heart to fight
I wear this sadness tight
Like a rope in flight
Sorry’s nowhere in sight
And I’m alone, alright! – oh son!

© Delia Ross. 2020

Y’all, I’m fine. It’s a song I’m writing, and I wish I could get the melody from my head to my guitar and my vocals. I also wish I could write a guitar solo from the tip of my tongue the way David Gilmour can. I can’t. I know maybe 4 chords. I can’t even whistle.

I’m sharing my struggles with you. Because there’s a 50% chance I might not make it out alive… dark times.

Depression is when every part of you wants to give up and roll over but you crawl on, in agony, anyway.

Some escape this despair, for other’s it’s terminal. There’s a 50/50 chance for survival. You’ll need rigorous response to recover and live with depression. Currently, I’m trying alternative treatments and therapy. Stuff doesn’t always work. Sometimes I become immune to treatments. Sometimes I disappear for days and no one knows where I am or hears from me. Sometimes they force treatment on me, throw me in rubber rooms, where it takes 6 people to hold me down just to shoot my ass up with Thorazine. Regardless if you go voluntary or not for in-house treatment, they will take all your clothes from you and your phone, you can’t have any of your books, but you’re allowed the Bible, you can’t talk to anybody, you can’t read magazines or listen to music, because there’s this underlying misconception that “stuff” can make you better.

And then no one wants to admit to having mental health issues because you get called “crazy” or other demeaning terms, and often the closest people around you, will use those terms against you when they are angry.

If you are struggling, I’m not going to say it gets better, because honestly, it gets worse. Depression isn’t about how much money you have or fame, it doesn’t care if you are broke or rich, and that’s why rich people die from depression too. But these things can be symptoms of depression. Depression can come about just because it wants to. It doesn’t take a death, or job loss, divorce, or any other event to be depressed. That’s why you shouldn’t ask people, “what do you have to be depressed about?”. Depression is a mental health illness, you’re ILL. You might need meds, therapy, short or long term treatments. It’s not your fault that you are ill. You are not alone. Hang on.

Edit to add: Sometimes depression is environmental so it doesn’t always require therapy or treatment. Sometimes it requires a change in your environment or situation. So don’t always assume a pill can make something better. And don’t push big pharma on others or make demeaning comments like, “you haven’t taken your medication have you”.

Hellos. I’m fine despite dark thoughts swirling like a nebula. Depression.

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29 responses to “Oh Daughter, Oh Son (Song lyrics)”

  1. Thank you, Nick. I linked the website as well. I’m not familiar with the suicide hotlines for other countries so thank you for your input. Are you in the UK? 😊


  2. I am, yes. There’s not enough done to raise awareness of the impact of depression, which is tough enough, and then suicide, which is profound in the suffering it causes. It’s said that on average one suicide affects one hundred people known to that individual. Let alone the suffering for that person. Each individual should know the beauty of being human, I wish, and find a way beyond the sources of their pain.

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  3. It’s so vital that you write and bring these feelings and issues forward. It will help others to understand their feelings too.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love the UK! I miss getting travel. I’ve visited the UK a few times and plan to come back! I’m trying to use my little voice in a world so big. Thanks for listening! ❤


  5. Thank you Nick, I feel really vulnerable when I share this stuff. There are a lot of soldiers and veterans in the military who don’t like bringing forth their mental health issues because they’re afraid they’ll get kicked out of their job or because in the past it was always seen as weak and they don’t want to be seen as weak. Now in the military, due to the alarming rise in suicide here in the US, especially those who deployed under OEF and OIF like I did, that has changed. Now we are teaching that it’s not weak to ask for help, and the government has really pushed to implement this concept. It all comes down to money though, they know they spend x amount of money on training these soldiers, so they don’t want to lose them because then they lose all of that knowledge and experience the soldier has. We’re treated just like a number, trust me. Most of us serve with a good heart to help others but it comes at a huge price, and I’m not far from becoming a statistic myself. The way we treat depression and mental health issues is barbaric and it has to change. I have to keep talking. As embarrassing at times as it can be…


  6. Wow Stuart, thank you for your comment! I really hope it encourages more people suffering from mental health issues to reach out or at least teaches someone else out there how to respond to someone who’s living with depression. Thank you!

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  7. I have my own “issues” and the more people who talk about mental health can only be a good thing.

    What you are doing here is awesome. So thank you from me!

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  8. It is truth, and felt deeply, and learned through experience. No one can take that away from you nor should they try. It’s what makes you as you. People should recognise this and provide support, not judgment.


  9. Your writing touched my heart right away…..sounds like crazy times….I sense you’re a strong soul….with a sound core….it’s just a suggestion if you haven’t tried…..mindfulness, yoga & meditation help…..no, please don’t misunderstand me…..I’m not a preacher…..to me it sounds crazy the way they treat you….so many people on you to give you a shot….that’ll trigger fear, shock & trauma….how would it help the depression….I don’t get it….please give it a try to my suggestion, if you haven’t….on a longer run you’ll come out of depression….shots only put a layer on the wound, which is temporary…..you’re amazing that you shared your story…..I so much believe in this quote….”The wound is the place where the Light enters you – Rumi”….much love ❤️ ✨

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