“You don’t own web3”

The former CEO of Twitter dropped a huge truth bomb

But are you ready to hear it?


I’m off Twitter, deleted my account and data without requesting a copy

I’m not touching crypto or the Metaverse

I see Big Bro spent a shit ton of money so Instagram can now say “Meta”

Funny how the government told us gambling was illegal but then made every aspect of our lives about gambling and social media is no longer a social aspect

There’s nothing social about it anymore

We are the products

And you better believe these top creators are paying to play because they’ve made a game out of it

And now I see famous actors collaborating with TikTok influencers 🙄

Because big networks have moved onto TikTok

And they for sure are paying to be in the FYP

People with checkmarks are the enemy and they hog everything

There’s nothing social about social media anymore

We were all played

And stop giving them your damn opinion on everything because they just use it against us!

If you’re gonna give your opinion at least get paid for it with something more than spam

ugg it’s 2 am, I was sleeping

But my nightmare awoke me but then reality was worse than my nightmare 😩

I keep falling down the rabbit hole

I don’t like it in here

There is no escape

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