The Day (poetry)

The day
He abandons me
I’ll be homeless
Complete psychosis
Without notice
Earth my focus
Death the prognosis

This site has been deleted!
Surprise! You were never needed!
Cast out and weeded!
All hope receded!

Compass points
To my heart
Upside down
In you

Without love
It’s all useless
The daily excuses
If we’re not exclusive
Hope is useless

He wasn’t ready for me
Giving himself away
He arrived late
Demanding me to stay

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Still writing my heart out – despite being completely cast out by the blogging community *bows*

Full unlocked exclusive set on my Onlyfans (where I snuck into Top 39 Thanksgiving. Thank you!!) 🥰

If I become homeless, I don’t wanna become homeless where it floods (perspective)

The content carries on two places at once:

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