There’s a body in the morgue
A cold mentor
Like a mirror I can’t ignore
I don’t know what I’m living for

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal.

Seed hoarding

Free speech and peace and quiet is a God given human right!!!!! These monsters have stolen basic decency! But I’m not allowed to discuss immigration or sex toys sold openly everywhere in America!!!! I’m censored!!!!! To discuss matters in group therapy making me suicidal!!!! Oh god, fuck you! Fuck “therapy”!

You should be fighting for free speech! Stop being a pushover! As a consumer, we should have some say how businesses are run! Too much waste! Stop destroying the rain forest and ocean!

I live in fight or flight mode, so my poetry never has time to sit on the shelf.

Lately, I’m trying to “play dead” and be in fawn mode. This is a legit strategy taught by the Army and used in the wild to bore the predators who want a “fresh meal” and “not dead meat”.

Just don’t let the elite cover you in “natural flavor”.

He’s a hypocrite if he eats that shit.

Furthermore, they put it in the cheap food and the organic food – it was made in a lab! It ain’t natural! Stop gaslighting!!!!!

Y’all dropping hundred dollar bills for foam shoes – that cause cancer.

I can’t even find small cotton panties and now I need XS potentially.

The sizing charts have changed and I’m elite being 110 pounds in America with roughly two out of three adults being overweight.

Yet, yesterday hanging out with squirrels and feeding them, the big kids were rolling their eyes at me – just like the overweight BLM female entering the mall –

We’ve been asking “do cellphone’s cause cancer” and they said everything but what we wanted to hear. Now when shopping for phones, they come with a cancer warning.


“Reproductive harm”

They’re nihilist’s destroying the world with synthetics and AI!

Black and Latino and Asian lives matter! But Native American and white lives don’t! Check the CENSUS!

And they identify as us!!! Laughs! Wait what!?!

The Great Race war is real – and Asia moving in on the news

The Great Replacement theory!

White man isn’t the only one corruptible or evil! He’s the pawn used in the whole game! By the Asians and yellow fever propaganda!

10 responses to “Morgue”

  1. I am not the status quo either. I think people forget free speech is for everyone, as long as it is not speech that attacks or make someone undue afraid. I looked up that line earlier actually.


  2. Like you can be critical but not threatening, I was seriously researching this like 6 hours ago out of paranoia about free speech protection.


  3. It’s not sustainable keeping our doors open to immigration – but we get labeled racist for discussing political matters.

    It’s a one-way government with sheeple who oblige


  4. I have been ranting about that for decades now, I am finding ways to express myself that are non-offensive as a way to make myself not end up permanently institutionalized. I have been in the psyh ward like 45 times.


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