I’m looking to buy gold
But my soul ain’t sold
I’m the cusp of the threshold
Like marigold
Growing nearing my household
It’ll manifold
My portfolio

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal. All rights reserved.

Jewelry? No.

Blocks of gold? Yes.

1. https://www.jmbullion.com/1-oz-american-reserve-gold-bar/

2. https://www.apmex.com/

And some mini nuggets too please

4 responses to “GOLD”

  1. It’s a free WordPress image! And I want a little nugget so badly!

    My pile won’t be so big! But I need a healthy way to reward myself for beating addiction and other things!

    Ice cream is good but there’s nothing to show for it.

    Plus banks are closing, I’m paranoid.

    It might come in handy during the apocalypse.

    Plus, I’m trying to teach people how to save. In retrospect, they already know how but I’m learning.

    And, I still want my blog to have some value. I have royally messed things up


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