Matthew 7:13

John Jones took the narrow gate
He did not hesitate
But ohh the words he cried
Upside down he died

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal.

The moon from my window

My poetry is so elementary huh

He yells at me to grow up and I cry that I never did

Men aren’t doing what they were originally programmed to do

I’ve been busy trying to save the world while they destroy it – I haven’t had a chance to work on me

America was sold out and topics are being censored in group therapy which means my free speech has been impeded upon, I will throw a fit and not participate (quit/disconnect the video call/walk out)

I draw lines

Sometimes I draw guns

Disabled not dead

Trigger happy

Able and capable

Don’t think I can play with the big toys yet – like my m16 – kickback

I got a girl / you want to meet her / her name is 9mm

7 responses to “Matthew 7:13”

  1. I still would take photos like that, but I threw my phone in the river out of anger, and have yet to get a new one, because I am broke because I lost my job. 😛 I got a new one recently though.

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  2. The real story of my phone is I threw it in the river because I was afraid they were listening to me tell my mom I was going to McDonald’s. Them is also Meth backwards, I was really high at the time.


  3. Yes I have and seen some films.

    He seems more into the occult whereas Poe was just depressed (opinion)

    I’ve always served God even when cursing him

    I haven’t left anyone off the “mad” table


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