Won’t Bring Him Back (Lyrics)

In these pages he’s alive
In these words we do survive
In these moments nothing but time
Memories without a hard drive
We get by, we drive, we fly

No suffering when amongst a friend
But these words won’t bring him back again
No these words won’t bring him back again

The days on pages never end
The nights play out as you intend
He’ll heed the call when you contend

But these words won’t bring him back again
Said these words won’t bring him back
No these words won’t bring me back

© Delia Ross. 2019


Every minute peels across my pride
Seething into cracks where it may hide
His words poison worse than cyanide
Just remember his heart already died

Unto the moon I do confide
A confidant down by the roadside
He uses pain like trails to be a guide
Reaching him requires more than stride

A sign on the door reads “occupied”
It’s partially true but somewhere a lie
Pictures of smiles and times that we cried
Hidden from view and a prying eye

© Delia Ross. 2019

No Pretense

You say there’s no reason for our unfriending
But why do I feel like it’s always near ending
We never even got a proper beginning
There’s always another you are attending
And here I go with more words of offending
I wish these messages I would stop sending
Or maybe more kindness from you is worth lending
If you are confused I am too comprehending
These situations that keep us from ascending
I’ll do what I can to keep from descending
I’m grateful for you and will go on defending
Thank you for allowing my childish venting
At least you’ll never find me pretending

© Delia Ross. 2019