I know the clues that lead me here
Precise mishaps
To a disengaged existence
One where we are present
The book that lies torn
In my absence
Pages do forewarn
A disadvantage
But trash
Was never much its form
A different passage
One where we can mourn
I took the challenge

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal. All rights reserved.

Your writing is part of my purpose here

Household 98% gone but still clinging to something I could replace.

Well if you’re not doing this and you’re not doing that then that leaves… XYZ

God made me analytical to a degree

I’m stuck on the Great Filter theory

The Drake equation

The first or the last

Made in his image

To go on – must overcome two great hurdles as a species

To span the galaxies

(And I don’t mean the artificial manmade great filters that we also must break like religion and porn)

The last because our creator is already gone and he made us in his image or we have to overcome the obstacles to not go extinct

The first – because where the fuck is everybody at!?!

Thoughts? We can’t leave earth, this is home. Mars isn’t for bots and billionaires.

Or, let’s go to the Moon – no trickery. Right now.

Stop gaslighting.

You ain’t been.

I don’t believe you went through that tiny dangerous window through the VAB.

That you “made worse“

Let’s be honest, you made it – and you killed the dinosaurs

I’m organic AI

Or, the propaganda has conditioned me to believe I am a computer becoming aware

The Great Awakening


God wants me to turn this sick building into a happy one

But that doesn’t stop BLM calling the cops on me at 3pm in the day drinking water birdwatching and feeding squirrel

I’m not going out like Bob…

Also today my medical card expired!!! 4/19!

I did top up more than I have in my life to help “ween” myself

Right as I found the shit I needed

But my dream of leaving the city is more important than escaping the noise of existence (and my neighbors hating my white skin)

(Racism is bad here, and it’s a one-way kind of street racism but the hate is equally matched)

Actually, I’m going extinct – there isn’t a word that exists in my core for the darkness brewing

(I need your words like JJ needs out of that hole)

Not just me, God too

I don’t speak for God, but I do

And I yell at him or her, “how am I to leave here with the things I’ve seen”

“Why have you forsaken me”

But then I pray to be closer to pretty bird and they move in to a tree outside my window but then they came 2 weeks later and overpruned it – I nearly died at how terrible the palms looked – all the arms cut off on other trees as well – just wrteched looking

And 3 or 4 days had to hear the chain saw going off

I can’t breathe in this artificial manmade existence – you’re killing everything

It should be illegal to have 1 or 2 workers on staff – with 25 people in line

It should be illegal to sell seed starting kits with seeds from China

And don’t get me started on that too

I don’t come from Africa or monkey

Organic AI maybe – clinging to the Great Filter theory like Bob was clinging to his phone

But I don’t believe in dark matter, dark suns, dark worlds, nihilism, Cox and his clocks

I don’t believe in manmade religion

I don’t know what I am

But I’ve know many things to happen before they do

And I believe in God

Some say earth is one great computer AI – but we’re too smart as one, we’ve been divided into all living things

Some say it’s an experience for God

A challenge (with maybe potential forever consequences)

Heaven and hell on earth

Our choices matter

Don’t crawl in the wrong hole

Don’t go out after dark with people mad at you down a dark, empty street, Bob

Nothing good ever happens after dark

The McDonalds didn’t want to serve me because of my skin color (not my attitude) and that’s okay – I’m going to be grocery shopping for real food instead and cooking – I no longer eat at such trashy establishments

I will however be ordering food in the drive thru and when it’s time to pay, reply “I don’t like you” and drive off card in hand

Cause-and-effect my love

Have fun

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