50 Word Short Story Poetry

Years passed on and he always wondered how she got on with her life
But one evening, word finally returned, she ended her life that night
When he asked of her body, her grave, they said it was the ocean
She was never recovered from the boat she jumped, “there wasn’t a note son…”

© Delia Ross. 2019

So, thank you so much for 25,000 visits to this here blog cuz it just surpassed 25K! Woah. I wanted to write a 50 word short story in poetry format and since it’s October or nearly Halloween, I went with a death/ horror theme. I wanted to see how much impact I could give a poem with as little information about the characters as possible. I wanted there to be a sense of doom but also a feeling of empathy and unresolved questions. Like, did it make you wonder what happened to them? Just like he wondered all those years what happened to her. Did he imagine she was better off without him? Did he wonder if she was happy all those years? Does it make you wonder who they were to each other? Did you feel sad or gutted for him receiving such tragic news? Did you feel empathy or loss for him? Could you feel the mood or “put yourself in his shoes”?

By the way, I didn’t count the “the”, “and”, or “a”.

Can you write a 50 word short story too? I challenge you to do so, and brownie points if you can pull it off in poetry format. It doesn’t have to be a Halloween or horror theme, but if you’re up for the double challenge? I’m sure these 50 word short story thingys exist but I just came up with the idea of doing one in poetry format and Halloween themed. If my little story moved you, hit that like button or drop me a comment. And definitely let me know if you do the challenge. 👻👻👻

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