A Visit From Lu Part 2

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A Visit From Lu Part 2

Now it is true Lu has been after me since about 1978
Ever since I fled the compounds of those Pearly gates
Restricted to forever yet I castrated my own fate
I fell beyond the heavens to see what love I could create

“Alright, enough with the charades”, Lu had finally said
“Why did you call me here” as he leaned across my bed
And I a child started giggling until my face was turning red
But careful is the food I chew when it’s the devil passing bread

It was in this moment that both our eyes connected
I often wondered how many souls he had collected
Which of the seven sins had the best method
And was the numbers what they both expected

Those numbers won’t mean anything, if Lu can’t collect, both of my wings
Black as onyx, soft as silk, one feather would please all the kings
There’s unspoken pleasures that my feather brings
There’s only one in the world with the deed to these blessings

“First off Lu, I never called you here”
“If I were to pray now, it would be for you to disappear
My soul is not for bargain, let me make it clear –
I seem to remind you year after year…”

And now he knows I am speaking truth
Honesty, it’s what earned my wings of youth
He knows lying here, will never be of use
It is why I’m such a challenge and one he cannot lose

To be continued…!?!

© Delia Ross. 2019

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How are you liking this fantasy religion stuffs? Should I continue the story with part 3? I’ve been sort of taking the long way around, so I haven’t really got to the bread-and-butter yet. 😄

Really dig the last line in the 2nd stanza tho, I did goods there, right? 🤔 Made it worth writing part two me thinks.

6 thoughts on “A Visit From Lu Part 2

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  1. I have a bit of a fascination with angels, and demons, and creative portrayals of them… Heck, I referred so often to my “angel” and my “demon” that I decided to give them names and back stories. So yeah: this is exactly the kind of thing I like.

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  2. Oh goodie because it’s meant to be sort of a good versus bad end of the world love story with a bit of a modern Romeo and Juliet feel. But only like a child level cuz forever young… but also playing the angel is my favorite part. I just don’t know how well the story will develop yet. I’ve got the plot, the reason for the visit, I just don’t want to rush the chat. It needs to feel like purgatory or time stopped like if you were near a black hole or something. So part 3 should be fun, cuz I mainly just want to describe how he looks. I’m not ready to give out the “chilling” details yet *giggles* but it’s a love story and Lu likes to make my life hell. I don’t even know how many parts there are, I’m giving myself total freedom. It may never end, I may never write another lmao but that takes the pressure off. Responsibilities feel like really heavy stones when you’re depressed… lol

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