Together Or Separate

It’s like his bouquet of poetry comes with thorns
And behind those sweet eyes there are horns
Though no matter the distance, love still forms
And together or separate, we create storms

© Delia Ross. 2020

I’m already seeing my view counter drop since he’s been blocked and I won’t be able to keep him blocked long because I need him in my life even if only as a ghost. But right now I need to punish him the way he punishes me. I hope one day we’ll be on speaking terms again and following each other again but he’s told too many lies to the other females in his life… He made his bed, now he must lie in it. And I had to block him because his lack of attention to me hurts so much. But blocking him also hurts. Everything hurts. But when he loves me he loves me so well. The ironic thing is, he has all those other girls but that still doesn’t stop him from checking on me like a lot… He needs me too. Lying won’t stop the need. And all those other girls won’t stop his need of me either. I guess our tether is fatedly attached, and his hold on me won’t release and my hold on him won’t release. I might die otherwise.

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