White Dwarf

Were you planning a murder?
You assemble letters and vowels like death
Like the mercy you don’t harbor
When I’m running out of breath

Did you know you’d be the executioner’s hand?
Precisely in depth to know how it would land
There’s a crater where my soul has bled
Ashes where your words were tread

Did you plan a heist to gather the stardust?
Were you aware I’d combust
One tiny heart shattered
As if it never mattered

There’s a dim dot glowing
Where love was exposed
There’s a heavy price knowing
My soul decomposed

© Delia Ross. 2020

9 thoughts on “White Dwarf

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  1. It’s hard for me to relate to relationship poetry when my main relationships are with the desert, ants and ravens, and sales clerks who only want to know if I need any bags. Are interpersonal, sexual, intimate relationships so very very important that they define you, your identity, your aspirations, your worldview…..everything?


  2. I’m not in any relationships nor have been for several years now. Earth creature. Vampyre mostly. Eternally alone and mourning. But yes, others have made me feel unworthy plenty of times in my life.

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  3. It’s funny that the only honest comment I’ve gotten in 3 years of blogging is for a stupid poem I just squiggled out in a moment of weakness!


  4. I’m trying to be more active in the blogging community. I’m attempting to step out of my coffin more. Just been hitting hashtags like #poetry in the WordPress feed.


  5. My blogging experiment has been a total and absolute failure LOL! This is obviously because my true desire is to free myself from all desires, but nevertheless I breathe and sometimes there are words in my breath that get turned into pointless blog posts. I wish I didn’t want anything, and so not anything is the outcome of the blog, while I find gifts in the desert.


  6. Not peyote, unfortunately, which is only found in the U.S. in some very few remote locations in I think southwest Texas and New Mexico? The desert has given much more practical gifts, see “Let May be May.” Hey, the desert gave me a girl, wow, I forgot to add Nastassia to the list!

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  7. I’m a war veteran. Lived in the deserts for many months as a combat medic for OEF/OIF. The only good thing about the desert was the stars.


  8. By the way, not all of my themes are about romance or longing, I write a lot about depression, anxiety, and other subjects too. Isolation has brought out the need for nurturing in me so much more… thanks for stopping by.


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