Even Angels Fall

I write words for you grander than statues
And still you would tear me into
I collect rubble
I stitch together fragments of time
Your broken dreams are alive
I give them life!
And still you flew

I hold onto your dying breath like a pearl
I show it heaven too
But you are a fool

I told God you are forgetful
You know not what you do
But you knew
Breaking my wings into
Here they are for you

Wrapped and bleeding
Like echoes singing
Needless needing

They aren’t cherished in the places I go
Still I can’t let go
When I need you so

I buried my heart where you broke it
Now it can’t be found
I keep walking around
Searching underground

I have a moral code, it’s angelic
You wouldn’t get it

You keep chasing the wrong lines
I’m writing overtime
You keep committing crimes
I’m begetting rhymes

They are gifts for a halfwit

I know it’s easier for you to slumber in hell
Than chase steps to get well
Heaven’s quite a long trail
I went missing there

I hope one day to find my heart again
My eyes grow tired from what it’s seen
My feet are walking from this dream
A nightmare encasing

I’m not well, can’t you tell?
But like a comet I fell
For you

Even angels fall
Even angels crawl
I am not that tall
Underneath it all

© Delia Ross. 2020

Can you see me underneath the pain you buried me in?

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