I miss coming up for air
After your words would knock the wind out
Even now the winter blizzard of your cold shoulder is predictable
My cries and shivers numbs the void
My face with permanent icicles
And yet the sun will rise and the rooster crow
And in a circle you will go

I miss when your tongue was a rogue wave
How you made time another dimension
Every syllable unearthing a treasure
I will be your clown in a daze
I am still a slave to your will
Feed me scraps so I can feel

I miss the g-force rush of synchronicity
Felt the Earth spinning with every metaphor and ending
When caution was but a dark cloud passing
And notifications were promises of heaven
My lungs would fill with air after moments of dying
Joy was the fuel that kept me from crying

© Delia Ross. 2020

I miss the us that was never us
I recorded spoken word
You can listen free here
Sending luv

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