Well, if I’m not wanted by him
I’ll teach him to swim
Drowning from his own gill
He caught his thrill

Calculating casualties into the drill
I wasn’t part of the deal
He wasn’t ready to feel
Now I’ve tripled the kill

He’s got shiny bait in bills
Watch the girls trample the hills
Can’t get enough of his ecstasy pills
He’s my favorite still

© Delia Ross. 2020

(Do you reckon Edgar Allan Poe ran off of any of his wives suitors with a shotgun? I mean, he wasn’t very popular. The local press even stopped publishing his work. He went from a respected officer in the military, to poor, dead, and naked on the street and possibly poisoned, and heartbrokes).

I don’t want to die heartbrokes. Helps. 😭

Sometimes I run off your suitors with my mouth. 😭

Psst did you know my love keeps growing for you? I am a deep, wide ocean. Keep swimming. I’m yours, forevermore. xoxo (times infinity^2)

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