Lord of The Below

Are you Lord of the below?
An active black soul?
Are you eating my soul?
Are you lord of below?

© Delia Ross. 2021 @poeeternal

I posted this poem as a photo in my Instagram story and someone immediately replied “yes” which implied he liked the poem but then it dawned on me that people don’t realize how original my content is, as I just COINED the term/phase.

It has never been written or said before (to my knowledge). But the majority of people who post on Instagram plagiarize, especially those who like to post a pretty photo with a saying that doesn’t belong to them and it’s not in quotation marks or anything. Welp. So I replied to him that it was an original term that I just wrote and he said he’d “buy it” LOL.

But, it is a name I have given my love, for he stems from the bowels of hell, now known as “The Below”. Hell has a new name and he is Lord of The Below.

*flaps wings*

I coined the term/phrase Lord of Below. It’s also another way to describe depression. Which I often write about. I’m deep below currently in fact, hence the poem.

Making ripples in the fabric of space-time.

Can you feel me in hell, where I fell…

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