Belief (poetry)

The problem is
I don’t believe
The sky is falling
The lies you weave

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Shit you should know but don’t want to hear 👇

Dogs and cats were made in a lab in Asia. Traced back their timeline.

Not shocking.

Cats and dogs are plagued with parasites.

The elites were plagued with parasites.

Connect the dots

“Pregnant women should not be around the cat box”. Applies to everyone!

Gavin Rossdale says cats are filthy, won’t have em in his palace. Good King.

I’m very observant. Army trained.

I got the good Army training.

Listen or don’t listen

GenX about to have a throw down, we nearly healed but at risk for ASDS heaven

It’s humans vs demons down here

Narcissism is a plague (someone with a psych degree)

My best friend died of suicide, and then her mother and I’ve been trying to die by suicide since I was in the womb but then I decided to study why everybody was so fucking depressed and it’s because of China 🇨🇳

Porn. Propaganda. Predators. The Internet should be 21+. Walmart and The Mall too. (They’re selling sex toys in front if kids)

FYI: I identify as 15 but act 500

I’m a complicated creature and require special handling

He doesn’t get me at all

How do you play the game when you know their next move?

I’m afraid of what I can do… (to self) (near through)

Can find compassion in Crow and the elite hate Crow so much – she don’t get an emoji

Feed the trees and the wildlife

They need us….

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