Forsaken (freestyle poetry)

I’ve been forsaken
Fell on earth
Still shaking

Whole world undertaking
You feel me aching?
Cursing while I’m breaking?
Nightmare got me waking!

I am awaken?

How light will break in?
Always knocking, Satan!
Tell him, I hate him!

My soul ain’t vacant!
I hope God is patient
Before world naked
I’m basic

Darkness so pervasive
I’m growing complacent
Getting stuck in places!
Knowing what John faces!

I’m faceless!
Falling down ain’t gracious!
I’m persuasive!

Smiling where I’m hated!
Holes in wall frustrated!
Hung on cross related!

© Delia Ross. 2023 / @poeeternal

“Where do you get your truth?”

I am the truth – that’s why I’m facing you

6000 years of deleting my word

But you don’t know what’s coming

Or you do

So I expect you’re running

Split in two

Soulless, too

Through and through

I don’t actually have a problem with “dry rot write” (dry well, writing droughts)

I need to learn to shut the fuck up

And I felt like I could continue this poem on for several more lines…

So I stop for fear of going “overboard” but I really wanna just keep going four pages if I must…

I write. With brain fog edit. Post.

I don’t know when I will get another chance

The clock is ticking

I’m obsolete forsaken


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