The Fall

Words were never said
Eyes peering like cement
He could see the rise and fall of her chest
Feel the heat of her heart with every breath Moving across the cold air
Her feet sizzling from where she fell
Took iron strength just to stand and stare

He moved taking a step toward her
As her body slowly extended upward
Pulling her wings in tighter
She was a fighter

He towered her petite frame
His breathing was met with flame
Expelling from the side of his lip
He had sin wrapped around his hip

He cast a glare on her like an eclipse
She was a rare sight in holy mist
How far from heaven she did exist
To fall on hell to feel his kiss

His hoof moved a step closer in
It’s the closest to heaven he’s ever been
Her desire never smelled of sin
For love she fell and she’d do it again

It’s as if all time existed in one evening
Her eyes were wet with fear and seething
Or maybe the reflection was mere envy
Whatever it was, he only could stop the bleeding

His step was sturdy with blight
He didn’t want to fill her with fright
And having better intentions despite
He lowered a knee becoming her knight

Love came to him in a clump
She brought the world to him in just one jump
They stood on eternity though ground was a dump
And with only a smile she gave him a bump

To be continued…?

How does eternity feel?
I love you

Hi. Been up for days. Freestyle wrote this. Sorry for any formatting errors or misspellings. Living on poetry and tears.

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