Stellar Light

Your walls of trust are ruin
Still the moss is green in our garden
There are dinosaur skeletons and secrets buried
Iron walls to keep off enemy
My lips are gold and clean
I’m still your sunbeam
Leaning on the moon
My roots dug into you
The tombs are crumbling
Regret is ivy
Black holes are spinning too
They have mass like the weight of you
Time has turned into quicksand
Every place you’ve been
I’m not calling on a friend
From lie to dust
My blood is rust
But the starlight
It keeps rushing through
With every thought of you
My lips are gates of doom

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I know why Edgar Allan Poe died heartbroke on the street. I know your secrets. Dig into the crust and search its layers, love is still found.

Cut the red forest down. Run us into Andromeda. My love won’t go extinct.

There may not be a grave for you to visit when I die. Or a blog. People die and vanish from history.
Am I fading from existence with your every breath?
Where does the light go inside you?
Have you already forgotten me? Tell me how easy? Click click erase?

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