Love it travels in a sphere
But you were like a souvenir
To prove the world was here
You changed the atmosphere

Look at how hope appeared
A reminder of sincere
That we’re alive in here
The very reason to persevere

© Delia Ross. 2020 / @poeeternal

How is it I know so much about love when I don’t know a thing about it at all!?! 😏

Like gravity. We don’t know exactly how or why it works. We just know it effects spacetime. Just like his existence bends and warps mine.

Welp. Escape velocity null. Stuck on this planet with people I don’t like. 😩

I mean, I do like but I don’t wanna! 😵

It’s complicated… 😑

I’m not gonna live forever and I need to get back to creating. I need to turn this pain into a monument (of words and art).

I don’t believe I’ll live to see 50. Clock ticking.

Y’all ever see a rainbow stretched across a sky for over 6 minutes? Yeah but this was a double rainbow:

Still blown away. I’m into nature. There are people who care not one bit for the moon or any natural wonder. Let alone a rainbow.

Me on the other hand. I turn into a little girl. That’s because I never grew up. Not gonna.

I still think it was my dad telling me goodbye. I just didn’t know he had passed until an hour later (if).


(Better than becoming fish bait. I gotta get back to writing. Yelled at the mom and therapist).

Really itching to pick up my guitar tho.

The CDC says the pandemic is getting worse.

My depression is getting worse.

And asteroid Apophis is on like 2 or 3 return trips back to us.

Uhm, we’re 2000 lightyears closer to the center of a blackhole.

Politics give me hellof anxiety.

Somethings wrong with the world, am I the only one to feel it?

I gotta quit reading the news.


Uhm, my hairs is getting ridiculously long. Down or up it’s in the way. 😏
Fine silks homegrown from my skull. I can’t wait to start updating my wardrobe. Get photos n vids. More tattoos n piercings. Make cool cosplay. Wanna sell my computer and get a laptop. A better phone n camera. New editing software. Updates. 2021 = year of transformation. Not sure how to pull off the tattoos and piercings if the economy is still closed but everything else is doable. I’m desperate for my makeover from Soldier and businesswoman to me. My Jeep needs a little TLC too. Gonna share it all. Thanks for seeing me while I’m alive. And supporting me while I’m alive. That gives me feel good vibes. =)

Trying not to die from depression or be dead for days before anyone knows. I still don’t know about my dad so I’m treading the earth lightly. I’m here but I’m not. Dig? 😭😭😭

Thanks for checking out my blog and supporting indie artists! I’m on the Patreon and OnlyFans. I appreciate the support. Starving artist and all (so was Edgar Allan Poe, yo). 👀

I appreciate you! 🌈

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12 thoughts on “Lifelines

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  1. Well, I give it all I have. Been writing like a madman over the past couple years. I have a brain injury I feel which limits my potential but I still give it all I have. Do wish I could be a proper writer and hire an editor. Or have a significant other to ‘proof me’ or to write with. Alas, I am on my own. This is all I have. 😔

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, I didn’t know you had an injury. And honestly I couldn’t tell from your writing. I’m no a judge or grammar police. I’m pretty sure my blog has stuff that people shake their head at lol!

    For the time being, you’re the author of a blog. And your writing might not be everyone’s cup of coffee, but those who feel it and want more are going to support you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s just more personal limitations I guess. I suffer internally as a writer, not being at a particular skill level yet. The thing is, the older I get, the more I lose my mind. It’s a scary process to think maybe one day I won’t be able to write at all. And so I just keep writing. And mostly in rhyme. So I’m really glad someone appreciates the rhyme aspect (if you do). It’s a skill I practice like an instrument and my heart bleeds and is calloused. Thank you for you feedback. It’s appreciated! 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I hope to get back to blogging soon. Haven’t been socializing due to my dad dying. Trying to get back to blogging and creating (baby steps) but I am still dealing with family matters. I’ve literally been yelling at my mom and therapist so I’m kind of afraid to socialize. Depression. Isolation. Anxiety. All the things.

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