Free Love

Why do we decide choices in forever?
Attaching regret to eternity?

I was hoping next to never
Can you make that guarantee?

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Would you know that Trent Reznor was never going to get married either and now he’s on like baby number 5 with MariQueen- I mean they have not stopped to take a fucking break.

I need some passion

*dies on street*

Rest easy my love

I’m not happy in my cage of loneliness. But I’m also just fed up with cheap sex, head games, and gaslighting.

I may very well be the last living creature who embodies the true free love spirit.

Ya me


I’ve been searching for truth / and I haven’t been getting anywhere 🎵🎶🎵

Just didn’t want my love to be some sort of anchor that sinks your ship…

Mine has a few patched holes and may sink but you’re welcome to hop on board. It’s not a ship. More like some trash floating in the ocean I found to keep from drowning.

If you want some life advice?

You don’t have to live with your choices forever. And you don’t need to make new permanent ones.

You don’t actually have to sink with your ship and it’s okay to save yourself.

People grow and people change and they grow stagnant in their relationships and complacent and that’s why the love dies. You have to work at keeping the love alive and people aren’t really capable of doing that, some people are, some people have mastered it.

Love is a garden you gotta continue to water.

Stuff doesn’t make you happy.

Love is all you need?

I would really like a chance to find out. 😏

I’ve literally never been loved. By anyone. Or anything.

But hey, I recognize you. Or sorrow.

If I’m just some fling thrill ride, you don’t gotta cut my fins when you are done do you?

Can you be the one guy on Earth who doesn’t hurt me? And on purpose? Because you’re bored? Or soulless and evil?

I’m trying to find a safe place.

If you’re hurting, I’m sorry. I hope you find resolution. And peace.

You deserve happiness. Love. Fireworks. All the things.

*tosses life jacket in water* you can have mine

I didn’t have anything worth living for anyway…

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