Why did you leave me in the forest
Now these lands are swamps
With soul sorest
Dead tree as prompts

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I don’t know how to hang on to those who want to leave

I’m like a black hole with gravity to help them go

Weird dangerous events keep happening around me

Like glitches in the matrix

Like something keeps alerting me

I’m not understanding the messages/codes

The world is ending

This though I’m certain

But the 1% are racing to get off of this planet because Apophis is on her way to Earth

The Great Filter is among us

Earth is the hardest lesson in the galaxy to learn

Where will your soul be at your end

What level of consciousness are you stuck on

I’m in an alternate timeline

I’ve also known major events to happen before they’ve happened all my life and small events too

Are you asleep or part of The Great Awakening?

“Are you alive and have you been born”?

We will never be able to leave the galaxy or the solar system, not in this form

I love you!

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