You’ll Never See

He’s going down a road I’ll never be taking
But that doesn’t stop the moon every night from breaking
Getting more rest won’t stop me from aging
And long are the hours in shame we are aching

He’s a golden statue crumbling down
The crown he wears just drags the ground
He’ll likely beg where she is bound
A noose around his fate was found

What is truth but feeling numb
And watching others acting dumb
Why have one when none’s a sum
When you predict every outcome

I chewed off more than I can bite
It’s possible I’ll die tonight
I’m not okay but that’s alright
You’ll never see me make it right

© Delia Ross. 2020

This is how I hurt.

I’ve been approved by the state for medical. There’s so much fear mongering about it uggg. I’ll likely do a blog post about it. Is this still a safe place!?!

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