A Trail of Hopelessness (mini rhymes)

You are the cold porcelain
I keep laying in

This way to sorrow
This way to despair
This way to desolation
This way to nobody cares

Was that your shadow leaping over my dream?
What were you thinking while abandoning me?

The system is rigged everywhere
Just leave me where I fell

The world is a drainpipe
There’s not enough pills to gaslight
It’s a battlehill
And you make me ill

Was your vein not thick with poison
Blood curdled and coagulated
I pulled out every thorn
Your heart turned into a floodgate

I need 1 sun-moon cycle where I’m not disturbed
24 hours of peace preferred

How easy he would come to me
But what would he find?
Scars and bits of broken pieces
Unfiltered creases
The ugly kind?

I don’t care about your joyrides
Or do I?

What will I be known for?
How I died?
But never the reasons for why I cried?

Dear Mother,

You only taught me how to suffer

Didn’t I write words of worth
When you were nothing more than a
speck of dust
When any sun would bring you dirt
I took the pain and made it work
When all the world thought you a jerk
I drank the blood and made you smirk
When you were nothing on this on this earth
I turned your no into a must

Drowning on rage
Too much air in this cage

Warning signs were posted
I suppose they go ignored
He was a Japanese suicide forest
And hope unexplored

How much times passes while you collate?
Working around the second hand
What kills the ache?
Was it your best move?
Or the worse you’ll ever make?

Harvest my disgust
It’s fully ripened
Polish off the dust
You’ll find a diamond

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Had about 6 meltdowns today. I’m radioactive. I’m not okay? 🤔

Has anyone else been feeling like they’re in some sort of deja-vu zone? Aloof?

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