I once held him like starlight in my eye
But the light slowly turned to drab
And hope was a rope not an inch to grab
I watched a living life magnify and die

His breath was once a sail for my dreams
But the air turned stale with mold and dust
And hand was an enemy not an ounce of trust
Life passed me by it seems

His poetry was once a creed and map
But his words turned to curse and hell
And love was a poison for not feeling well
Between my heart and his there lies a gap

© Delia Ross. 2020

So I’m alive and still writing poetry. This is Annie Lenox. Rescue kitty. She’s been the queen of the domain several years now. Got her when she was a wee 15 weeks old, recently turned 7 years young. Gorgeous girl and sweet too! Happy birthday, Annie!!
My goal is to get her a new tower from Kitty Mansions. She could use a new tower/ number 2. Won’t be til the Jeep is paid off. It’s coming! Highly recommend them!! Cat approved. Got her this one in 2015 (I think) and it’s withstood moves & 24/7 use! Isn’t she cute? She’s clever! 😍
I’m still alive and writing and growing my hair out. 6 months dye free. Ack! Putting on some quarantine weight. :/

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