Don’t Die

It’s a weird place to be
Not with, not without
But if you drift into the big sleep
I would stop existing
It’s without a doubt
Like leaving the galaxy
I couldn’t breathe
So I shout
How could you leave?
Abandon me?
You’re all I need

I love you in any realm, all over Earth, and this town. When I’m up or down, sideways, or stuck in a frown. From east to north, and all around. From the dawn of creation, down to your noun. You overwhelm. But I am bound. Circling and circle proud. Pulling eights from the cloud. I say it loud. Unroll it, light the ground. For life is better, where you are found.

© Delia Ross. 2020

If only forgiveness were easy asked and demons were sleeping

How many ways can you spell I love you? Are you tired of hearing it yet? Does the universe give you any signs? Are you awake, are you alive? Are you listening?

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