Up From Down Below

Staring up from down below
Heaven fell further than I know
The wind gets cold
Like regret growing old
With a heart of stone
Set in gold
Or hearing whispers “I told you so”
Where are angel’s not to go?
God told me to love him whole
The sinner yes so I tread his road
Ready to take on intruders, I’m bold
He says friend, I say foe
There’s complications in the fold
Missings cards like hands, I need him though
Dropping SOS’s where his feet have strolled
Sights to behold
Or heartaches sold

© Delia Ross. 2020

To be honest, I just wanted to keep going with this rhyme flow. I gotta stop putting on the breaks. I’m feeling pages, can you roll?

Moonstone if you’ve ever wondered. I wrote an essay in college once on the healing properties and energetic properties of stone and blew my professor away. I’m going to get back into to meditation sessions soon. Just trying to find my self-esteem and what’s left of my pride after my last nuclear meltdown. I’m radioactive. And collapsing in on myself.

This goes without saying but, I get insanely jealous of the attention he gives other girls. Like black jealousy. And my doctors at the VA don’t understand this kind of love or obsession. They don’t even understand why I’m scared of asteroid Apophis. Whatever. You can’t cure these things. Love is the only acceptable remedy. He just needs to kiss me. Shimples.

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