Got Him (or maybe he has me)

Not only does he listen
I got him by the teeth
And in his world I glisten
While dancing on his feet

His love has no conditions
So solid like concrete
It seems his only mission
Is loving me complete

Walking tightropes
Over every word wrote
Using lines to balance
Darkness and failed hope
Taking steps to fall
But then don’t
He pushes me across the wire
His back gropes
The world crying I’m a joke
But he won’t

He is a cosmic jewel
Longing felt under moon
A hope or two
A dream in blue

Earthly views
The perfect muse
The love I choose
Someone I can’t refuse

© Delia Ross. 2020

Uhm, is anyone sick of my rhyme yet? Did anyone notice that within a blink my blog reached nearly 10K more views? Nearly 10,000 more visits HERE to read my blog! We’re nearing 60K! 😍

Got my enemies watching with a telescope- they say they hate me but you know I’m dope! 😍

Thanks for checking out my blog! I appreciate!

8 thoughts on “Got Him (or maybe he has me)

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  1. That’s now what I’ve been doing!!! Hello Terror! *laughs insanely* I’m suicidal and have no more fucks to give. But, my foot traffic has quadrupled just in a few months. HELLO SATANS!!! *dances in the fire*


  2. You must know, it’s just not his support…it’s your inner light…your heart…dark place is not necessarily bad…dark sky is full of burning stars…another form of light….give yourself credit is what I’m saying ❤️✨

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  3. To think I started out as this tiny little micro-organism. Look at me now. My little words flutter across the night sky reaching thousands of weary travelers, but everything passing by is not coming back…. (now is all we have, it’s all that matters). Forget the past, the future doesn’t exist. Live in the now. Stay woke. Spiral out, keep going…

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