I was made of him
Part holy, part devil
The line is thin

I call him Grim
The only name I’m able
Lying is his den

The trust is slim
Like money under a table
Deceit is dim

© Delia Ross. 2020 @poeeternal

More poetry coming, so I’m about to blow up the WordPress feed over the next few days, with multiple postings in a day, so you may need to check my actual blog to not miss a feed (unless you have the notifications set on).

Also, if you sign up to my blog via email, that will keep you from missing any posts and you will never have any advertisements delivered because I’m running my blog advertisement free. Your support on my Patreon allows me to run my blog free from advertisements or spam. I thank you.

I once tried to maintain some sort of theme and posting order but my life is chaos currently.

I’m on edge. Welp.

Uhm the Grinch has arrived. Eggnog now please. (I don’t actually have any eggnog but it would be nice).

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